Supporting In-vivo DMPK during drug development from discovery to post registration commitments

Discovery PK Studies

Fast turnover PK in rodent (mice and rat) and non-rodent (dog and mini-pig) species. Administration routes:, iv, po, im, sc, ip, in, dermal and , continuous infusions

Cassette or mono dosing

Micro sampling providing complete PK profile per animal in all species including excreta from same animal Cold metabolite profiling

Discovery type of DMPK studies using radiolabeled material (tritium or carbon-14)


Mice, Rats, Dogs and Minipigs

Pharmacokinetic studies for Discovery and Development Programs

GLP and Non-GLP DMPK Studies

Radiolabeled and ‘cold compound’ Studies

Development ADME and PK studies

Pharmacokinetic profiling, single dose, multiple dose, relative bioavailability (formulation research) following various routes of administration

Routes of administration include: iv, po, im, sc, ip, in, dermal and short- or long-term continuous infusions

PK studies in genetically engineered rodents

PK studies in juvenile animals

Radiolabeled mass balance and metabolite profiling studies in open (all species) or closed metabolic cages (rodent)

Metabolite investigations and first-pass effect

DMPK studies in cannulated animals, like bile duct (rat), portal vein (rat)

Milk excretion and placenta transfer

Tissue distribution by whole body autoradiography (QWBA), research type or in compliance with the ICRP

Tissue distribution studies by tissue dissection and processing further evaluation (total radioactivity, metabolite profiling, histopathology, and tissue preparation for imaging)

Micro autoradiography

Mechanistic DMPK studies, tailor-made


AAALAC accreditation

GLP certified

State of the art animal welfare

Strong focus on 3R principles


Over 1500 compounds screened in discovery PK since 2016

Highly experimented and motivated Team

We listen to your needs and conduct standardized and tailored study designs.

State of the art animal housing, use and care


Big and mid-size pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and universities


We contribute to the optimization of compounds for man by in-vivo DMPK services in discovery screening and non-clinical development

Full AAALAC accreditation

GLP Certified

Fast turnover discovery PK providing complete PK Profile in each individual animal

Tailored study designs to meet requirements of each individual client