Synthesis of radiolabeled and
stable Isotope labeled NCEs

Storage Isotope chemistry:

Proposal of optimal labeling position

Synthesis of carbon-14 and tritium labeled small molecules or peptides

Synthesis of stable-label of carbon-13, Nitrogen-15 and deuterated compounds for mechanistic studies and bioanalytical standards

Detailed Synthesis Report and comprehensive certificates of analysis: (H/UPLC), NMR, TLC, LC-MS

of radioactive samples (sample HUB) before routine analysis

Capacities & Work Fields

Five state of the art isotope chemistry laboratories

Knowledge in isotope chemistry from >50 years’ experience as being part of big pharma and contract research industry

Synthesis of Stable Labeled Compounds

Isotopes: 2H, 13C, 15N, others (e.g. bioanalytical Standards for Mass Spectrometry)

CoA: Chemical (enantiomeric) Purity (HPLC/UPLC), NMR, TLC and critical Release Criteria, e.g. D0 contribution ≤ 0.5% (LC/MS)

Further Services

Re-analysis and re-purification of the radiolabeled NCEs

Stability investigations on radiolabeled material and formulations

Storage of radio-labeled material and samples with worldwide shipments

Formulation development for in-vivo studies


Over 60 stable labeled and radiolabelled compounds, with multiple synthesis steps, delivered during the last 5 years

Highly experimented and motivated team

Dedicated laboratory equipment, chemistry tools space for stable label and radioactive synthesis


Big and mid-size pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and universities


We support your drug development program by offering synthesis of stable isotope labeled NCEs as bioanalytical standards (carbon-13 and deuterium) for mass spectrometry and radioactive labeled NCEs (Carbon-14 and tritium) for DMPK and environmental toxicology studies.

Permission to work with radioactivity is regularly adapted to the needs of client projects (recently added 177Lu and 32P)

Storage of radioactive samples (sample HUB) before routine analysis.

Isotope synthesis and dedicated work with selected isotopes we support are 3H and 14C both synthesis and DMPK studies), 177Lu (metabolite profiling) and 32P (in-vitro assays)

As needed we can adapt to your needs in isotope chemistry and custom made assays with radioactive probes


Grafing / Germany