Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies

NUVISAN has a long history of servicing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. After starting over 40 years ago with a bioanalytical lab, we have grown to offer a complete panel of solutions. NUVISAN is now a sound partner to over 200 corporations at all development stages.

The broad portfolio of solutions provided by NUVISAN has helped develop strong partnerships with a variety of organizations, from the top 10 pharmaceutical companies to newly launched biotech, adapting to the identified needs and regulatory requirements.

Our team of scientists strive to support our business partners throughout the complex drug development process by rapidly developing and maximizing the value of the IP and assets our partners put in our hands.

Drug Discovery

With over 500 employees working in drug discovery, backed by one of the strongest technological platforms in Europe, our newly running entity in central Berlin can deliver.

The platform, which ran for many years for the benefit of a major pharmaceutical player, is now available to all. From target identification to candidate selection under GLP, through to hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization, our people have demonstrated over the years their ability to create value through true collaboration with our partners.

Non-Clinical Testing

From a single isolated study to a large corporate collaboration, projects are driven by seasoned industry scientists delivering turnkey solutions to our partners and providing advice and support through a well-reasoned process. We can deliver everything from DMPK research through to development and safety assessment studies, using our in vitro and in vivo facilities.

Laboratory Services

NUVISAN was built around laboratory services, and our platform is now available in different locations throughout Europe. Our GxP facilities can assess a wide assortment of test items and in different matrices.

Our bioanalytical lab handles everything from proof of exposure to biomarkers research and development using a broad range of technologies, from early research to late-stage clinical trials, and primary and secondary end points.

Our analytical platform can support SME up to large molecules, and from early setup to complete bioassays in large sample volumes.

Clinical Development

Several clinical testing facilities are available to support and perform research, equipped with healthy volunteers and a complete set of backend services to provide a comprehensive solution. Our phase I units can deliver from first-in-man to drug–drug interaction, bioequivalence, PK, and many other study sub-types.

Our advanced methodologies for volunteer recruitment and the backing of numerous physicians allows for comprehensive and time-efficient execution of studies.

GMP Solutions

NUVISAN has a long history of full integration of drug substance and drug product solutions through pharmaceutical analysis and release testing, GMP-compliant API process development, upscaling, synthesis, formulation development, and manufacturing services.

NUVISAN can support API supply to the pharmaceutical industry through its pilot plant with the support of our PhD-level organic chemists. With the capacity to produce for the gram scale up to 5–10 kg batches, our laboratory can support and drive the full process with the supporting analytical expertise (solid-form characterization and impurity profiling) required to guarantee the best available quality standards.

Our pharmaceutical analysis and release testing teams, available throughout Europe, comply with GMP processes to produce all requested testing, from stability through to microbiology and more, for both drug and reference products.

Manufacturing, Packaging, and Qualified Persons

Because good logistics are essential to properly conduct your clinical development projects, NUVISAN provides a wide range of solutions to support the clinical development phase.

With manufacturing of primary and secondary packaging and distribution, NUVISAN and its team of Qualified Persons can provide a full set of services to support projects from phase I through phase III.