Venture Capitalists

By bringing innovative therapies to patients, venture capitalists aim to increase the value of their companies in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Because any failure of a new drug candidate can lead to significant losses, we at NUVISAN understand the interest in de-risking the compound and optionally sharing the risk with you.

With a proven track record of customer satisfaction, NUVISAN can partner with you to increase the value of your companies starting today!

How We Support Venture Capitalists in Building Companies

NUVISAN can support building companies from the very early stages, both as specialist consultants for R&D and as executive partners for drug discovery and development. Our more than 400 scientists with decades of experience in drug discovery and development are able to perform fully integrated programs, from target ID to clinical trials.

The Innovation Campus Berlin (ICB) has been running for many years to the benefit of a major pharmaceutical player. Now ICB is available to the industry for the first time from target identification to hit identification, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, DMPK profiling, selection of a preclinical candidate, and up to IND enabling studies under GLP.

In addition, as scientific consultants, we can:

  • de-risk projects and portfolios with tailor-made go/no-go experiments
  • offer selective support to the team from expert staff during the development phase
  • offer contributions from experts/consultants routinely working with big pharma and biotech, regulatory affairs, and authorities (BfARM, PEI, Ethics Commission, etc.)
  • consult on how to reach key pharma milestones for potential partnering
  • set up efficient research plans to gain clarity on future challenges
  • evaluate reproducibility with wet lab activities to generate further value at high quality in a timely, independent, and unbiased manner

Due Diligence Stage

NUVISAN can support venture capitalists already as early as the due diligence stage as a specialist consulting partner. We can:

  • evaluate early ideas (proof of principle)
  • participate in investor–company discussions to challenge the team with independent specialists from the field
  • assess compound specifics and chances of success, such as with solubility, based on existing experiences
  • evaluate existing data for, as an example, trustability, plausibility, and necessary breadth and depth
  • verify milestone planning/timing
  • calculate costs for milestones (such as forecast reasonable costs for, e.g., regulatory affairs, laboratory costs)
  • reference relevant experiences, including failures, while assuring confidentiality at all times
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