Accurate toxicological profiling of any new compound requires both solid routine expertise in how to meet regulatory requirements and flexibility to fit each project or investigate mechanistic issues. By combining the experience of a fully integrated science CRO company with the creativity of an innovation center, NUVISAN supports you in driving the development of your innovative medicines, industrial products, or agrochemicals in a targeted and efficient way.

Our Toxicology Services Portfolio Includes:

Our Strengths and Values

Initiative & Flexibility: The Drivers of Innovation

Our highly multidisciplinary and collaborative mindset allows for an innovative, flexible, and transversal scientific approach to meet your specific needs, from fully integrated to customized solutions. We offer a comprehensive solution to assess the safety of your lead compounds by drawing on multiple disciplines and combining in vivo, in vitro, and analytical investigation methods.

Expertise: The Hallmark of Success

Take advantage of four decades of experience in toxicology testing for the highest level of scientific, regulatory, and technical support and expert consultancy. To find a solution tailored to your needs, our experts, who have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, are available as consultants to your toxicology program or to help navigate your product through toxicology testing as part of a fully integrated project at NUVISAN.

Animal Welfare

It is our conviction that high animal welfare standards go together with excellent research quality. Therefore, we are committed to the 3R principles—replacement of animal experiments whenever possible, reduction of the number of animals used to the indispensable minimum, and refinement of procedures and housing conditions to improve the animals’ well-being as much as possible. State-of-the-art animal welfare and housing standards are declared company goals, and we are accredited by AAALAC. We are committed to continuously improving our standards for the benefit of the animals and to improve the quality of our experiments and data.

Quality: The Pledge of Reliability

Receive quality-controlled study results from our GLP-certified, fully integrated toxicity testing platform, which follows all international standards (OECD, ICH, REACH, FDA, and EMA guidelines).