GLP Bioanalysis & Toxicokinetics

Our bioanalysis services will accompany your compound throughout preclinical development. For safety testing, bioanalysis can be performed under GLP conditions. In addition, we offer a panel of specialized assays that can complement study designs with non-GLP investigations. Our services are available to our clients as single services or integrated into a complete safety investigational package.

NUVISAN’s strong analytical capacities make us the ideal partner to support your project from research through preclinical development and toxicology, up to the clinical phase.

For each of our toxicology studies, we offer non-GLP and GLP-compliant analytical services. Usually, these will be naturally integrated and conducted in collaboration of our toxicokinetics and toxicology experts. In addition, our bioanalysis services are available as a separate service to support your study.

Our services include:

Sample processing:

  • Matrix: cell supernatant, plasma, tissue, urine, feces


  • High-throughput LC–MS/MS
  • Toxicokinetic data processing, a derivation of the most common parameters for assessing systemic exposure to the administered compound (e.g., AUC, Cmax, tmax, and ratio of accumulation)
  • Metabolite identification, structural elucidation and quantification, and biomarker detection and quantification


  • Automated sample preparation active ingredient or metabolites detectable in all ex vivo samples
  • Customized development of robust and reproducible analytical methods

All data can be provided as SEND data.