Drug Discovery

The identification and optimization of next-generation medicines lie at the core of our drug discovery efforts. Our integrated and interdisciplinary team of scientists and lab professionals embarks with you on your exciting and challenging drug discovery journey. We support you with solutions specifically tailored to your project needs—from target identification and validation all the way to the preclinical candidate.

Our drug discovery team consists of more than 500 employees, of which more than 90% have a science background, with more than 30% being Ph.D. scientists and more than 60% lab professionals. The majority of our scientific staff was formerly part of an intact large pharma drug discovery unit. Since its integration into the NUVISAN group, they have blended with talents from across industries and international academic institutions. As a cross-functional and interdisciplinary team, we know how to run collaborative and integrated projects to discover medicines for challenging targets and optimize them for the subsequent drug development phase. At the same time, our scientists understand that every project is different. With a flexible and innovative mindset and transparent communication, all under one roof in the heart of Berlin, our teams are passionate about closely collaborating with you to adapt to your individual needs.

We offer integrated drug discovery projects spanning the complete range of our service pipeline, as well as selected solutions always tailored to your needs. We support you in finding and validating the right target for your indication based on our extensive experience across a broad spectrum of therapeutic indications. We aid your search for new chemical matter for your target with our integrated target-to-lead pipeline, offering high-throughput screening of a 3-million-compound library and focused sub-libraries, fragment screening, and virtual screening. We characterize initial hits by biochemical and cellular assays, while their binding modes are investigated with biophysical, cellular, and structural methods. Our medicinal chemists support your project in hit selection, assessment, modification, and rapid development of different hit clusters into viable lead structures to fit your lead structure profile. Finally, we apply decades of big-pharma-experience in combination with our rich pipeline of cutting-edge technologies, including in vitro and in vivo ADME and PK studies to optimize your lead molecule into a viable preclinical candidate ready for preclinical studies.

Our drug discovery solutions cover: