Since November 2022, the animal husbandry unit of NUVISAN ICB has been accredited by AAALAC International. AAALAC promotes the worldwide gold standard of humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. Through its work, AAALAC aims to have excellence in animal welfare and science converge, and accredited institutions support precisely this goal with their standards.

For more than 50 years, voluntarily participating facilities have been evaluated by independent, impartial experts, and those that meet or exceed applicable standards are awarded accreditation. Currently, more than 1,050 companies, universities, hospitals, government agencies, and other research institutions in 50 countries/regions have earned an AAALAC accreditation demonstrating their commitment to responsible animal care and use. This accreditation examines the entire animal care and use program, including animal husbandry and housing, veterinary care, facilities, and institutional policies used in overseeing the animal care and use program.

AAALAC accreditation ensures an international standard that research companies can rely on.