Why Are Animal Experiments Important?

The scientists at NUVISAN conduct research into and development of new drugs for a wide range of diseases and also test the safety of potential drugs for humans. They use a variety of methods as alternatives to animal testing. These include cell and tissue cultures, as well as computer-based models. Animal testing is only carried out when complex processes in the body need to be investigated that alternative methods are currently unable to simulate.

German legislation takes into account this limited informative value of alternative methods and requires potential drugs to be tested on animals. The correspondence of elementary body functions between other mammals and humans allows for the transfer of many results to humans. Substances must be tested under different conditions in different animal species in order to make the best possible prediction of safety and efficacy for humans. These studies are very important because animal studies provide the basis for testing the substances in humans.

Close collaboration within NUVISAN allows us to follow the drug development and testing process from idea to patient. This allows us to efficiently ensure that patients benefit from the results of research and animal testing conducted in this context.

For more information see also our Animal Management and Welfare FAQ.