Proteomics, the study of proteins and their functions, structures, and interactions, is a rapidly evolving field with many applications for understanding disease mechanisms, drug discovery, and personalized medicine. Our team possesses extensive expertise in proteomic analysis and data integration to help you unravel the complexity of biological systems and solve your scientific challenges through cutting-edge techniques and innovative approaches.

As a part of the Protein Sciences department, we offer quantitative proteomic analysis services for a variety of biological samples, including tissue, cell lysates, and body fluids. Our protein extraction methods are tailored to the specific requirements of each project. We utilize various workflows, such as isobaric and metabolic labeling approaches, label-free measurements, phospho-proteomics, protein interaction profiling, and targeted parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) assays. Our team of experts has extensive experience in proteomics, complemented by comprehensive statistics and bioinformatics services. We analyze and interpret complex proteomic data, integrating the results with other experiments conducted in-house. With all functions under one roof, we ensure maximum information transfer between different aspects of the project, ultimately leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the research questions at hand.