Immuno-Oncology Platform

Immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment by harnessing the patient's immune system to attack and eliminate cancer cells. Syngeneic mouse models have become a valuable tool for studying the mechanisms of immune response to cancer and evaluating the efficacy of immunotherapeutic agents.

We support your immuno-oncology project by profiling your drug candidates in the most relevant models. We combine anti-efficacy end points with ex vivo analyses to study the effects on immune cell infiltration.

We offer you a variety of services for in vivo characterization of immuno-oncology related questions. This includes the full service in flow cytometry analysis of immune cells from blood or tumor, cytokine-level measurements from mouse serum by ELISA or multiplex assays, and immunohistochemistry of tumor sections. Readouts to monitor tumor growth or tumor-induced changes depend on the model used.

In Vivo Models

We use cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) syngeneic tumor models for studying how cancer therapies perform in the presence of a functional immune system. Our portfolio of models has been well-characterized in their responses to known immune checkpoint inhibitors (e.g., anti-PDL-1, anti-PD-1, anti-CTLA-4). Upon request, we also offer hPBMC/HSC humanized models. For general study types and readouts, see also our oncology platform.

Flow Cytometry

We offer comprehensive panels to characterize immune cell populations for immuno-oncology and inflammatory diseases (flow cytometry).


We have established a broad panel of assays for human and mouse targets. Our tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) panel is comprised of over 15 markers for systematic evaluation of TILs in mouse models. In addition, we offer assays for major populations of lymphocytes, macrophages, NK-cells, and B-cells. Protocols were optimized on mouse spleen and used to profile 15 different syngeneic mouse models (data on immune cell infiltration status of syngeneic mouse models are available for customers).

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In Vitro Assays

In vivo immuno-oncology services are complemented by diverse and relevant in vitro assays.