The backbone for efficient preclinical pharmaceutical research is reliable, flexible, and fast logistics. By integrating our substance logistics into our lab logistics, we achieve rapid turnaround times for incoming and outgoing shipments. Our mission is to support our external and internal customers in the best possible way by providing ready-to-use plate and vial formats. Substance logistics incorporates compound logistics for the management of potential active ingredients and the building block collection.


Our well-trained team works with a large number of carriers to handle special shipments or reach remote areas.

Of course, we check all necessary compliance requirements, such as international export and import control and dangerous goods regulations (ADR, IATA, etc.), and prepare all necessary documents.

We can also offer to arrange a pickup for shipments to us in most cases.

Compound Logistics

We provide flexible and trackable storage of solids and stock solutions at different temperatures for project support. For weighing solids, we have safe workplaces and an automated taring station for weighing of tubes.

To provide ready-to-use formats, we use TECAN pipetting robots to process a broad range of vial and plate formats, as well as different solvents. All dissolving and plating steps are IT-supported and barcode-based to have traceable process steps, which helps avoid errors. With the programming know-how on the team, we can react flexibly to meet different requirements.

Building Block Collection

Our Building Block Collection provides our synthetic chemists with rapid access to over 40,000 building blocks and reagents, including more than 4,000 that are not commercially available.

Our safe weighing stations allow us to provide pre-weighed formats for various synthesis requirements, such as synthesis of project libraries.

Storage is carried out in compliance with all necessary requirements, including the ability to store regulated substances.