Scale Up & Special Technologies

The scale-up of compounds is crucial for driving your drug discovery project forward. Scale-up and special technologies provides the link between small-scale batch synthesis and a multi-kilogram pilot plant scale. We offer excellent flexibility to support all aspects of the scale-up process: supplying expertise in synthetic design and optimization, applying special technologies to overcome synthetic challenges, process streamlining, solid-state processing, GLP material processing, and certification. Our expertise and adaptability can deliver your project exactly to your requirements.


The scale-up of drug candidates from milligram to kilogram can present unique challenges that require specialist knowledge to overcome. Our expert scientists will optimize your route to expediently deliver the required quantities of your desired materials (pharmaceutical or fine chemicals) with high quality. As part of this service, we offer route scouting and reagent alternatives (for high-risk substances, such as pyrophoric substances) to provide you with the most efficient and safest route to your target compounds. We achieve large-scale purification via multiple methods, including recrystallization, chromatography (normal and reverse-phase), and high-throughput preparative HPLC methods, with all methods capable of achieving chiral resolution. We work collaboratively with the analytical department to provide Certificates of Analysis (CoA), ensuring the highest quality of materials. Our state-of-the-art laboratories, based in Berlin, offer flexibility and experience to adapt to your needs, including building block synthesis and toxicological batches. Furthermore, we provide GMP batch manufacturing services out of our site located in France.

Special Technologies

Classical chemistry is often the first approach to achieving a chemical transformation; however, at NUVISAN, we recognize that under standard reaction conditions, some transformations do not proceed. Therefore, we have invested in a special technologies platform to develop specialist complementary methodologies to overcome the limitations of classical chemistry.


We have developed a flexible photochemistry platform consisting of custom-made photoreactors that can operate in both batch and flow (photoflow) modes. Our platform can create individualized conditions to overcome the unique challenges your chemistry presents. This platform is built upon the expert knowledge our scientists have gained from experience in world-class academic labs and applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Flow chemistry allows for highly controlled optimization of reaction conditions to improve reaction efficiency. The flow reactors contain micro-channels that permit greater control of temperature, rate of addition, and substrate equivalents, resulting in shorter reaction times and higher yields (compared to batch chemistry). The rapid nature of flow chemistry allows us to successfully react unstable intermediates that would otherwise be unsuccessful in batch chemistry. These principles of flow chemistry are also applied to our photoflow reactors, which couple photo chemistry and flow chemistry.

High-Pressure Reactions

Chemical reactions involving gases (such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide) are highly robust and efficient transformations that have great utility in the pharmaceutical industry. To perform such chemistry, we have specialized equipment (pictured below) that allows us to use gases under a variety of conditions and scales. Our dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment can perform reactions ranging in scale from milligrams to hundreds of grams and can be performed under variable conditions (up to 100 bar and elevated temperatures). Our parallel reactor system (with high-pressure capabilities) can rapidly optimize your reaction conditions before application to a large scale, which allows for a faster route to development and delivery of your material.