NUVISAN offers custom-made high-throughput screening (HTS) for the identification of hit compounds for your validated target, phenotype, or mechanism. We have access to a 3-million compound library for full-deck or focused HTS screening. Each compound is linked to our Life Science Database (LSDB) containing > 500 million datasets to facilitate hit selection. In addition, we provide fragment-based and virtual screening. The scientific question and the target will determine the screening technology best suited to your project.

Hit identification occupies a key position in the preclinical drug discovery process. NUVISAN offers customized screening for the identification of hit compounds for your validated target, phenotype, or mechanism.

Overview of Our Screening Capabilities

HTS Library

Our industry-leading compound collection contains > 3 million high-quality small molecules. Built and carefully selected based on Schering AG and Bayer AG legacy collections, we provide access to a diverse and novel chemical space that cannot be found in other commercial libraries (80% unique structures). Every compound has attached data from our Life Science Database (LSDB) with > 300 million datasets for fast decision-making during hit selection.

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HTS Facilities

Robust, reproducible, and meaningful assays are key to success at every stage of your drug discovery project. With our unique know-how and state-of-the-art HTS equipment, we cover high-throughput technologies to address a wide range of target classes. Our lab facilities and instrumentation ensure high reproducibility and sensitivity, as well as fast turnaround times, to identify your hits.

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High-Throughput Screening

In our fully automated laboratories, experienced scientists design and execute a wide range of perfectly miniaturized, cost-effective assays carefully adjusted to fit your needs based on therapeutic areas and target classes. Our equipment enables both large-scale screening of NUVISAN’s small-molecule compound library containing up to 3 million well-characterized compounds, as well as focused screening of smaller well-selected sub-libraries. At NUVISAN, we have more than 25 years of experience with performing large ultra-HTS campaigns using biochemical, biophysical, mass spectrometry, cellular, and phenotypic high-content assays.


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Fragment Screening

Fragment screening is a well-established approach for identifying new chemical matter in a fast and efficient way. We offer a broad range of different biophysical methods (including SPR, NMR, TSA, MS, and X-ray) to identify initial binders in a proprietary library of 2,000 fragments hand-selected by medicinal chemists. Our integrated workflow allows for tailor-made fragment screening solutions. The 3D structure of the fragment hits guides growing or linking approaches by our expert medicinal and computational chemists, improving potency and selectivity. Fragment screening can also be combined with high-throughput screening to enable merging of hits from both lead-finding strategies.

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Virtual Screening

NUVISAN offers a wide range of virtual screening options for finding new chemical starting points or expanding existing hits. We have a successful track record of identifying active compounds validated by biochemical and biophysical techniques. Our platform is leveraged by the Life Science Database (LSDB)c ontaining > 500 million data points from historical screens and assays and integrated with state-of-the-art machine learning (ML)-based predictive tools for rapid prioritization of hit molecules. We provide custom solutions that address the specific needs of your drug discovery programs.

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