Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry (MS) is the foundation of state-of-the-art protein science. To fulfill your analytical demands, we provide a wide range of MS technologies. Several years of experience in protein MS are brought to the table by our team of scientists and lab professionals. Because every protein is unique and every issue calls for a distinct strategy, we collaborate with you to provide tailored solutions that are created specifically for you.

  • Working in close collaboration with our Protein Sciences team, our MS team plays a vital role in ensuring the quality control of protein production through MS-based analysis.
  • A modern high-throughput screening platform is unthinkable without the possibilities offered by today's MS. Whether MALDI MS or LC–MS (RapidFire™), we offer the appropriate method for your biochemical assay, depending on the analyte and enzyme.
  • The discovery of new covalent inhibitors has recently received much attention. We have therefore developed a platform that allows for screening of covalent compound libraries and subsequent characterization of the hits.
  • Proteomics is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by offering unparalleled insights into the proteome. Our customized services include comprehensive analysis of protein expression, interactions, and modifications.
  • You can get more detailed information about our different MS-based platforms via the following links: