Design and Synthesis

We are chemists with long-standing expertise in all aspects of the drug discovery process. Working closely with our colleagues in Digital Life Sciences, Screening, DMPK, and other key research functions, we turn the complex into simple by using state-of-the-art tools and problem-solving approaches to transform your initial hit chemistries into medicines!

Effective design and synthesis are at the heart of every successful hit-to-lead campaign. Our team of medicinal chemists—with broad organic chemistry expertise—strike a perfect balance. Working in state-of-the-art labs, our team comprises > 130 PhD-level scientists and laboratory professionals. Assembled from big pharma, small biotech, or directly from top international universities, we have accumulated decades of know-how in all areas of small-molecule medicinal chemistry research.

We work as a team. Located exclusively in Berlin, Germany, our tight-knit team of chemists engages every day and in real time to solve your medicinal chemistry needs with speed and flexibility. Our hands-on experience spanning every stage of the drug discovery process is your greatest asset. For example, before a high-throughput screen, our chemists work with other scientists to define a project-specific screening tree so that hits can be effectively optimized. NUVISAN’s broad drug discovery service offerings in Berlin ensure you receive secure and speedy analytical chemistry as well as a characterization of physchem, in vitro ADMET, in vivo DMPK, and many other properties of your newly synthesized compounds!

Medicinal chemistry has been greatly supported by advances in computational chemistry. Our chemists are strongly integrated alongside our co-localized Digital Life Science department to ensure that data science, ligand- and structure-based modeling, and other computer-aided approaches reach their full potential during design cycles. Alternatively, our synthetic chemistry-only services are also available for client-designed compounds, intermediate synthesis, route scouting, or en route to radiolabeled compounds.

Let NUVISAN leverage its medicinal chemistry expertise to design and synthesize chemistry in your therapeutic small-molecule projects!