Complementing chemistry: We support your drug discovery teams and projects by lending out our medicinal chemistry knowledge. NUVISAN scientists, who have expertise in a broad range of medicinal chemistry topics, can support you throughout the drug discovery process to help generate new small-molecule ideas, design and manage compound syntheses, or analyze and process project data on diverse sources.

In today’s global research community, accessing scientific expertise has never been easier. Are you looking for a chemist to help drive forward an important hit-to-lead project or troubleshoot a challenging small-molecule synthesis? NUVISAN can help. Our PhD-trained chemists—many with decades of big pharma experience—can virtually integrate themselves into your project team to address medchem needs.

We can fully coordinate synthesis activities to ensure that your compounds are prepared in an effective, safe, and timely manner. Our chemistry consultants undertake a range of other activities and can help by:

  • creatively designing novel chemical matter
  • optimizing the compound ADMET and selectivity profiles
  • analyzing patent landscapes and supporting patent drafting (e.g., experimental sections)

Come tap into NUVISAN’s team of medchem experts from anywhere in the world by using our consulting services!