Translational Research - Biomarkers

The translational research stage of drug discovery takes promising candidates from drug discovery to early clinical development. We support you to ensure that innovative treatments reach patients as quickly as possible. Our team of researchers works to identify and validate pharmacodynamic/target engagement and selection biomarkers, profile the clinical indication space, and gain insights into PK/PD relationships.

Biomarkers support the de-risking of your project and increase the chances of success at the transition stage from discovery into the clinic. Our team of specialists identifies and validates the most promising biomarkers for your asset. Our key expertise is in:

We offer integrated biomarker services covering the entire drug discovery value chain, from preclinical biomarker discovery and validation to robust assay development, indication space population profiling, and biomarker analysis of clinical samples.

Our experienced biomarker scientists/staff come with a decade-long pharma industry background. We have expansive knowledge in a wide range of therapeutic areas and modalities and a proven track record of successfully translating drug discovery programs into the clinic. We make use of state-of-the-art in vitro and in vivo facilities fully equipped to support all aspects of biomarker discovery and development.