Advanced Assay Systems

When you are faced with a target that cannot be tackled using traditional approaches, our scientists will support you in implementing advanced HCA assays. This can include complex phenotypic readouts at the population or single cell-levels, live-cell kinetics, or stem-cell-based systems. These assays can be multiplexed and made HTS-compatible using small molecules or CRISPR libraries. In addition, we have experience in designing HTS-compatible assays to identify molecular glues, PROTACs, and small molecules targeting RNAs or protein condensates.

Our scientists are experienced in implementing assays based on a wide variety of eukaryotic cells (animal, plant, and fungi) or bacteria, as well as cell-free systems.

  • Phenotypic Readouts

    1. Sub-cellular (re)localization of target
    2. Organelles
    3. Intra-cellular structures
    4. Experience of many screening campaigns with > 4 million compounds
  • Cell Painting

    1. Workflow according to the JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium
    2. Provided data to the JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium
  • Cellular and Protein-Based Protein–Protein Interaction Assays

  • Identification of PROTACs or Molecular Glues

    • High-throughput cellular assays to measure protein stability
    • Assays based on immunofluorescence or targets tagged with fluorescent proteins
    • Identification of several novel compounds