Xrays2Go Structures

Drawing on our experience of commercial drug discovery, we offer a growing catalogue of NUVISAN propriety Xrays2Go crystal systems for therapeutically interesting targets. For these targets, we have developed robust protein production, crystallization, and structure-determination protocols to deliver high-quality complex structures for your ligands of interest.

Complex structures for the below Xrays2Go targets can be delivered with rapid turnaround times. Our growing portfolio contains a broad range of target classes that includes kinases, nuclear receptors, proteases, bromo domains, GTPases, methyltransferases, and dehydrogenases. For selected targets, we can also offer additional up-front biophysical verification of ligand binding to the X-ray protein to increase your confidence in ligand selection before embarking on structure-determination activities

We also have additional targets in our pipeline, so please reach out to us if you do not find your target of interest here.

NUVISAN’s Xrays2Go Targets