Microbiological Chemistry

With more than 60 years of experience in biotransformations in pharmaceutical and agricultural settings, our microbiological chemistry team makes use of nature’s diverse toolbox for production of drug metabolites, biotransformations on a preparative scale, and upscaling of proteins and plasmids. We offer our support for your pharma and agricultural research and development projects as experts in redox biocatalysis and fermentation.

The microbiological chemistry group in Berlin successfully discovered and developed steroidal pharmaceuticals using fermentations and biotransformations, mainly for highly selective reductions and oxidations that cannot be performed using classical synthetic methods. Today, we use our state-of-the-art screening and fermentation platform comprising 1–100 L fermenters for optimization and scale-up purposes and wave-bioreactors with insect cell cultivation for chemical and biological purposes.

On one side, we conduct drug metabolite screening and synthesis as part of our NUVISAN metabolite discovery platform, which has the mission of taking care of your requests and needs with regard to drug metabolites. For this, we use our biooxidation toolbox consisting of around 3,000 strains of a broad and unique collection of wild-type microorganisms, sets of various cytochromes P450 (CYPs) in cells, and isolated enzymes.

In addition, our protein and plasmid production platform, in collaboration with our in-house enzyme experts, can support you in upscaling of protein expressions in E. coli and insect cell systems. Plasmid preparations for transient transfections are also part of our daily business, on scales up to 50 mg per batch.