Protein & Plasmid Production

For your projects in need of protein expression and plasmid preparation, we collaborate with our in-house enzyme experts to upscale expressions in E. coli and insect cell systems. We support you with upscaling your protein expression from shake flask to bioreactors with our state-of-the-art equipment and help to optimize the process to gain higher expression yields.

For expression in E. coli, batch- or fed-batch-fermentation of up to 100 L in a glass or steel fermenter results in up to grams of recombinant protein harvested as cell pellet. Our long-term experience in upscaling of protein expressions will help your project receive enough proteins or plasmids for large screening or crystallography campaigns.

With our smaller 1-L and 2-L fermenters, we are also able to run process optimizations or produce plasmids, especially for transient transfections.

Expression in insect cells is conducted in 4–16-L wave bioreactors by cell infection via baculovirus, transient transfection, or stable cell pools. Protein is harvested as cell pellet or supernatant and is then further processed by our colleagues to purify and characterize the proteins. Upscaling of virus stocks and titer determination by qPCR and/or plaque assay is also part of our offerings.