Biophysical methods are key components in the early drug discovery process. With our state-of-the-art biophysical platform, we will help you accelerate your discovery programs. We provide in-depth analysis of compound–target interactions, including fragment screening, to identify low-affinity binders in primary-hit-finding campaigns and provide orthogonal methods for hit validation of compounds derived from biochemical and cellular assays and screens.

Our experienced team of biophysicists provides you with access to our high-end biophysics toolbox:

We will discuss with you in detail which methods will best fit your drug-discovery project. In principle, we can use all available biophysical methods to identify target engagement and validate hit lists. We can further provide a full kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of your novel compounds to support hit profiling, structure–activity relationships (SAR), and to gain an understanding of their mode-of-action (MoA). To complement these activities, we work closely with our protein sciences, screening, biochemistry, and structural biology departments.