In Vivo Pharmacology

In vivo pharmacology is a critical stage in drug discovery that involves testing new drugs in living organisms to evaluate their efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics. In vivo studies provide valuable insights into your drug's interactions with the body, including its metabolism, absorption, distribution, and excretion. In vivo pharmacology also helps you identify potential side effects, determine optimal dosing regimens, and assess the drug's overall therapeutic potential.

As a responsible and AAALAC-certified contract research organization offering in vivo studies, we understand what it takes to design and perform robust experimental animal models that will progress your compounds toward the clinic. Our highly qualified in vivo teams are an important part of our integrated drug discovery programs. This enables us to offer multidisciplinary study support to cover all of the different aspects of in vivo characterization to accelerate your drug discovery program. With our state-of-the-art ex vivo analysis capabilities, we ensure that you get the maximum value from each in vivo study. At NUVISAN, we offer a wide range of relevant animal models and services covering multiple indications: