Discovery Biosciences

Finding and establishing the right experimental strategy for the identification and characterization of hits and leads is the basis of a successful drug discovery program. With decades of industry experience, our Discovery Biosciences team collaborates with you from target to lead to drive your drug discovery program forward.

Within Discovery Biosciences, we provide in-depth expertise and state-of-the-art techniques to advance your early drug discovery project. We provide expression and high-quality production of soluble and membrane proteins for a variety of applications: biophysics, biochemical assays, cell-based assays, and structural biology. To show target engagement and elucidate IC50 values, we offer tailored biochemical and cell-based assays, which can be adapted to uHTS format. Our HTS team has decades of experience with developing assays for a broad range of target classes using various technologies and readout options. We provide access to a library of 2.9 million well-characterized compounds for high-throughput screening applications. Our best-in class high-content screening (HCS) platform allows you to perform phenotypic screens at full deck scale. Additionally, our versatile mass spectrometry platform can be used for mid-sized screens or the analysis of covalent and non-covalent binders. For a thorough target binding analysis, we are equipped with a cutting-edge biophysical platform (TSA, nanoDSF, SPR, MST, ITC, NMR, as well as a structural biology platform. Another advantage of our services is that all our activities are undertaken by our interdisciplinary teams under one roof, resulting in short distances, efficient troubleshooting, and projects that run in the most efficient way. For example, we can perform biochemical and biophysical assays, macromolecular crystallography, NMR, and cryo-EM on the same day a protein is produced, allowing us to work with fresh protein, which is especially important for challenging targets.

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With decades of industry experience, the Discovery Biosciences unit has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to push your hit and lead molecules to the next milestone.