2Go Platform

Drawing on our experience of commercial drug discovery, we offer a growing catalogue of NUVISAN propriety Assays2Go and Xrays2Go systems for therapeutically interesting targets. For these targets we have developed robust experimental platforms to delivery both activity characterization and high-quality complex structures for your ligands of interest.


  • Our validated miniaturized assay protocols provide robust high-quality data for compound profiling, mode-of-action analysis and HTS in 384 and 1536 well format.
  • Rapid turnaround times and data reporting tailored to your needs will speed up your project.


  • For these targets, we have developed robust protein production, crystallization, and structure-determination protocols to deliver high-quality complex structures for your ligands of interest.
  • For selected targets, we can also offer additional up-front biophysical verification of ligand binding to the X-ray protein to increase your confidence in ligand selection before embarking on structure-determination activities.

Our growing portfolio contains a broad range of target classes that includes kinases, nuclear receptors, proteases, bromo domains, GTPases, methyltransferases, and dehydrogenases.

We also have additional targets in our pipeline, so please reach out to us if you do not find your target of interest here.

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